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I offer encouragement, inspire confidence, and motivate your student!

Welcome, Parents!

Do you have a child who needs a little extra help with schoolwork? Or do you want your child to get ahead of the curve? If you want your child to catch up or get ahead, give me a call!


I have a California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential with an English Supplemental. I have more then 30 years of experience. I offer private one-on-one tutoring and cover all grade school subjects K-5, from science and math to language arts. I specialize in math, science and students with learning disabilities.

**I also teach ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE to both children and adults! I also can come to your place of business and teach ESL in a group setting, if this is something that will help your company succeed! 

I am an IRLEN TESTER, and I can test you or your children to see if the florescent lights, bright sunlight or car headlights, might be causing their problems with headaches, fatigue and reading issues.


So, if you need a helping hand, don't be afraid to reach out to me!


Let me help boost your students self-esteem and give them the confidence to succeed!